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Feasibility and Planning Studies

  • SAS Feasibility and Planning Studies are among the most comprehensive in our industry. The SAS study includes an in-depth examination of the necessary elements for a successful campaign – a compelling case, sufficient prospects, dynamic leadership and an organized approach. Our one-on-one meetings with dozens of qualified potential stakeholders, along with our experience and expertise, enable SAS to provide your organization with a comprehensive Final Study Report.

    The Final Study Report will include a statistical replay of interview responses, analysis based on our vast experience and recommendations that can be used as a roadmap for your fundraising effort.

Development Audits and Assessments

  • SAS development assessments involve in-depth analysis of your advancement efforts, operations, staff, board and leadership roles, budgets and information systems. We examine all facets of your advancement efforts and conduct strategic conversations with staff and board members to make recommendations on resource allocation, communications and budgets.

Executive Consultation

  • The SAS Executive Team works with non-profits to help you where help is needed. Services include staffing training, case statement development, major gift strategies, executive coaching and specific strategies for important meetings and/or gift requests.

Campaign Planning

  • SAS will conduct an assessment of your institutional readiness to undertake a challenging campaign. We examine staffing, budgets, annual fund, special events and internal systems to determine whether you are prepared to move forward into the campaign process.
    As a result of this assessment, SAS can provide your organization with a plan to prepare to launch a study and/or campaign. SAS will provide you with a series of next steps and guidance on their completion.

Campaign Management and Direction

  • This is the core of our business. SAS capital and endowment campaigns are successful. They are dynamic and seek extraordinary gift support. SAS campaigns request and receive unprecedented gifts. We know that campaigns are hard work and our professionals share the responsibility with you. We stand with you every step of the way to ensure that the right things are being done the right way by the right people at the right time.

    SAS executives partner with our clients to develop a comprehensive campaign plan and a service model that includes executive consultation, on-site direction or a combination of both.

    When retained in an Executive, consultative capacity, SAS directs:
    • Creation of the Comprehensive Campaign Plan. The Plan will include leadership structure and responsibilities, timetable, interim and benchmark goals, and key events.
    • Creation of the Case for Support. SAS will draft the case for leadership approval or direct your organization in its completion.
    • Creation of the Prospect List, including key visits, strategies and sequencing.
    • Recruitment of key Campaign Leaders.
    • Creation of a Gift Recognition/Commemorative Program.
    • Preparation for and attendance at key campaign meetings, including Board meetings and meetings of the Campaign Executive Committee.
    • Regular campaign status reports presented to appropriate leadership.

    When retained in a full-time, on-site capacity, SAS works with our clients to direct all aspects of a campaign’s day-to-day activity, including:
    • Assignment of a full-time professional director whose only responsibility is your campaign.
    • Creation of campaign strategy and implement strategy in concert with client.
    • Creation and implementation of the campaign plan and timetable.
    • Development of campaign operative materials, case statements, logo and marketing materials, training materials and follow up manuals.
    • Creation of solicitation prospectus and follow up materials.
    • Recruitment of volunteers.
    • Training of all campaign leaders and volunteers.
    • Implementation of a public relations plan for the campaign through all available media, including social media.
    • Regular reporting to the client about ongoing progress and attainment of benchmark goals.

Board Development and Orientation

  • SAS provides strategy and advice in recruitment and orientation of new Board members. We also provide assistance with Board Retreats, including serving as moderator/facilitator. SAS will provide direction in agenda topics, events and individual presentations.
    SAS Executives will provide individualized training to Board members and/or organizational leaders in solicitation best practices.

Marketing and Communications

  • SAS will work with your organization to review your internal and external marketing and communications and provide recommendations for improvement. Services include messaging creation, operative material production, and distribution and media strategies.

Development Operations Management

  • Southeast Advancement Services has significant experience in establishing and enhancing development operations for a variety of nonprofits. Services include recruiting and training staff, establishing and enhancing major gift programs and serving as advancement staff. SAS professionals can serve as your advancement staff to build your program and/or to complete a specific project or program.

Annual Fund

  • SAS will work with your organization to establish its first annual fund or we will review an existing appeal and make specific recommendations to increase revenue. SAS enhanced annual funds have resulted in double-digit increases in year one and continued increases in subsequent years.

Stewardship and Increased Offertory Programs

  • Stewardship encompasses more than the annual appeal for funds. It involves the gifts of financial resources, time and talent. SAS can design a program to assist your parish to reach out and significantly increase active involvement of your congregation in your parish ministries.
We provide comprehensive fundraising services

We provide comprehensive services that relate to major fundraising initiatives. We offer executive consultation and onsite resident direction. SAS professionals will tailor a program for your not-for-profit organization or institution. We provide sound fundraising advice that is grounded in years of successful experience. Our seasoned professional consultants use proven strategies to help you succeed. We have a variety of service models to fit your needs and will recommend what is right. SAS campaigns generally cost institutions between four and eight cents per dollar raised.

As a small, international consulting firm, Southeast Advancement Services is flexible to meet your needs. We work with you to build capacity so that you can raise more money. Our size and talented professionals enable us to be more flexible and creative than other firms.


How we work for you

We take pride in our personalized service. We know that your organization has its own unique culture, strengths and challenges, so we take time to build genuine relationships with you and your volunteers.

SAS will meet with you initially at no cost or obligation to the institution to discuss your fundraising needs and plans. Once retained, we assign a team of professionals to manage the project. Thomas Hanrahan, President, is personally involved in all of our projects. Tom and a SAS Director will work closely with you to tailor an approach and to implement the plan.

Throughout your project or program, the SAS Team will meet regularly with you and your leadership to assess progress, make adjustments as needed and provide action steps to achieve stated goals. Our clients have unlimited access to the SAS team via telephone, email or videoconferencing when we are not on-site. Our fees are set at the beginning of our professional agreement, are all-inclusive and based on the amount of time and staff assigned to the project.

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